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Вакансия construction material controller, mlc

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Maire Tecnimont Group is an industrial leader in Engineering & Construction, Technology & Licensing, and Energy Business Development and Ventures. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, the Group is among the top-ranking worldwide engineering contractors.

Tecnimont is responsible for the implementation of Utilities, Infrastructure & Offsite Facilities for one of the three packages of the Amurski Gas Processing Plant Project, in the Amur region, located in East Russia.

The Construction Material Controller (MLC) is responsible for material management at Site, collecting all the documents and certification covering the arrival of materials at site and provides for recording of their movements.

MLC supplies the Site Control Manager with elements enabling the feasibility analysis of the construction programs.


  • Arrange warehouse logistics according to the instructions of the Site Manager;
  • Manage information relevant to arrival of materials at site and their availability at the warehouse;
  • Coordinate the availability of shipping documentation and feed the warehouse data base with proper information;
  • Co-ordinate any necessary action to support customs clearance of materials;
  • Manage the receiving, check, storage and preservation of materials delivered at Site;
  • Manage the receiving, check, recording and trace-ability of material certificates;
  • Issue any supply non-conformity and follow-up the relevant resolution;
  • Initiate procedures concerning insurance claims for damage to materials during transport to Site or during erection;
  • Start the application for insurance claims related to materials damaged during transportation or erection;
  • Initiate claims against vendors for missing materials and/or non-conformity with the relevant purchase order;
  • Supply Site Planner with updated information regarding materials availability at site to support the construction schedule reliability;
  • Inform Site Control Manager/Coordinator about plant material status and delivery forecasts, in order to verify the feasibility of Construction schedules;
  • Manage the delivery of materials to Subcontractors in accordance with material list presented by the same and according to the instructions given by the Supervisors;
  • Keep records about the handling of materials, using corporate software systems;
  • Perform feasibility analysis by the Company Software System;
  • Keep on records of surplus materials for possible sale at the end of the job.


  • Suitable University Degree


  • Fluent Russian;
  • Fluent English;
  • Excellent IT and analytical skills;
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills;
  • Strong interpersonal, team-oriented skills, self-motivation and direction, with strong bias toward timely performance and problem resolution;
  • Attention to detail, strong communications and interpersonal skills.


  • At least 5-10 years relevant experience in EPC project, Large/XL Gas processing plants;
  • Similar role covered at least in last three projects, of comparable size;
  • Experience working on Contractor side.


  • Competitive salary package with benefits;
  • Single status;
  • Full board and accommodation on site;
  • Travel to home country in economy class.

Due to language barrier please submit CV in English.

Only candidates with significant experience, consistent with the relevant field, will be considered for this position.

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